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owner and founder

As a recognized leader with nearly 15 years of commercial and mixed use real estate experience, and an advanced degree in real estate development finance and urban design, Jesse brings a well-rounded real estate background to the firm.

With an aspirational sense of urban moods and the pop cultural edge, Jesse oversees the firm’s urban projects including general artistic vision, design & marketing efforts. In this work, he is intimately engaged with the project design and creative partners along with the rest of the J Roc team to develop inspired places that always think first about the day to day human experience by staying true to simple aesthetic principles like context, open space and light.

A believer in eclectic design elegantly contrasted between old and new, modern and bohemian. With an affinity for the existential philosophy and rebel culture of Albert Camus, Fela Kuti, and rock n’ roll generally, his inspirations run broad and deep.

Also an advocate for the city as the future, Jesse believes in being a human and developing places for human beings to be perpetually creative.

general counsel

Nick leads the company’s business strategy, growth, deal structuring, financing and legal activities. His steady, consistent approach guides J Roc to successful endeavors and inspires the loyalty of team members and partners alike. A leader with over 13 years of real estate experience, including his background as a real estate and corporate attorney, Nick’s knowledge and skill help form the bedrock of the company.

development director

Aaron oversees the day to day operations of the company. Operating as the project executive for the company’s developments, Aaron spends a majority of time “on the ground” interacting with all stakeholders and vendors hired for each project. With a degree in real estate finance and a minor in real estate development, Aaron has worked in real estate since 2003. He has achieved success in a number of diverse disciplines, including but not limited to: residential and commercial development, industrial brokerage, in-house leasing, project management and day to day operations for development companies.

development coordinator

Fitz works closely with the team to keep the business running smoothly by handling a myriad of daily challenges. Having joined J Roc in 2017, Fitz assists on a multitude of aspects: operations, project management, property management, legal activities, and administrative/technical support. His well-rounded background includes several years in real estate experience, in addition to a liberal arts degree and legal training.

J Roc Development creates high-end residential and mixed-use development with an affinity for modern architecture and forward-thinking urban design. With a diverse portfolio of award-winning projects, J Roc has established a proven track-record of success built on innovative ideas. The team was built around a core urban vision—an opportunity to build communities that reflect their people by pulling together past and present with a tailored and “hand-made” ethos. J Roc continually strives to push the boundaries of the possible with exciting new prospects in residential, mixed-use, and co-working, aimed at revitalizing and reinventing the Cleveland urban environment.

Focused on the human as its primary intent, J Roc’s vision emphasizes three core principles: differentiation from the market, uncovering demand niches, and contributing to the design conversation through simple and self-evident concepts. This approach involves a careful balance of forward-thinking strategies with knowledge of local realities. J Roc finds inspiration from disparate places and seeks opportunities to inform its projects in novel, creative ways. The unique challenges of other evolving cities often present unexpected solutions, which foster new methods of inquiry: — J Roc’s team is always on the hunt! With a deep commitment to learn and find new opportunities for growth, while firmly convinced in the power of space to influence a life — for this they remain steadfast.