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Limelight: Local Coworking Space

AudenAndCompany.com | June 6, 2018

The term “workplace” is pretty ambiguous in the world of independent professionals. It can be anything from a home office to a café to a traditional office. For freelancers and contractors alike, work settings can shift from project to project unless they can settle into a productive hub. One method of work slowly spreading is opting for a coworking space: a shared space for independent workers. By offering the opportunity for social contact and designating a specific space to get work done, it’s a compromise between working within a company and working in solitude.

Limelight, one of Cleveland’s local coworking spaces, invited the Auden & Company team to join its community for a day. We approached a building in Ohio City, unsure of what to expect. Inside was full of eclectic décor and clean focus areas. Independents could choose from conference desk spaces, cozy lounge furniture, or private rooms to escape distraction. Our team really embraced the open space and WiFi. And although we didn’t need it, we liked the option of kitchen snacks!